In 2004, I shot a video of a squirrel trying to climb up a supposedly squirrel-deterring bird feeder. He usually did succeed in reaching the top, but sometimes, he'd lose just enough grip to slide down the pole without tumbling outright. It is the most humorous video I've shot of backyard fauna, and I thought, how can I share this video with others? In 2012, I finally figured out how to do it.

The obvious answer was to build a self-enclosed "video sharing site" where I can share videos with passers-by in highly trafficked areas. A wooden box contains a DVD player, LCD monitor, and counter to track the amount of views I've received. Video playback is initiated by the viewer by pressing a button. Viewers can write a comment for all to see in the area below the monitor, or they can write a private message and leave it in the box itself though a thin slot.

I've mostly received positive feedback, but a few hurtful comments have been received, too. The negative ones are unfailing anonymous. Those cowards! I've no way to ban them from posting such poison letters. If there was only a way to track and ban abusive viewers individually, then it would be perfect, but I've no idea how this could be accomplished. I could employ a guard to ask people to leave their name before leaving a comment, but such security might scare off those who leave positive comments, too. Running a video sharing site is difficult!