So you finally got the iPhone 5. And now you need a cover to protect your investment and show your appreciation for the media of the past. But the current trend of cassette, VHS tape and game controller-shaped covers has reached a critical saturation point, making such imagery common again and depleting their nostalgic value.

Remember back in 2007, when you were the first on the block to express your individuality with the iPhone? Remember the first vertical video you took? Now, the wonder of those glory years can be re-lived with this new project. I've drawn an image of an iPhone 1 by sight using the computer programs Inkscape and Gimp, and had it printed onto a custom plastic case.

Retro Nostalgic iPhone 1 case for iPhone 5 recalls the youthful memories of the late 2000's, like the magic of being able to impress friends and strangers with such novelties as touchscreen navigation. Certain nostalgic features are exaggerated in the drawing, such as the 4GB storage capacity, the narrow headphone jack, and the now-deprecated 30 pin connector.

Details: Retro Nostalgic iPhone 1 case for iPhone 5. 12.5 x 6 x 1 cm, GicleƩ print onto hard plastic. Shown with imitation iPhone 5.

Unboxing video: